Strategy 2022

Instead of trying to change your entire business in 2022, the simplier strategy is to adopt a 12 month plan where you are making constant improvements. Let us help you develop that plan for 2022.

An EMC Business Planning &
Strategy Development Workshop

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About Strategy 2022

Going into a new year with a strategic plan, clear set of goals, action plan with timelines and an unwavering determination to succeed get over 50% of the job done. The rest is as a result of your consistency in execution, acute focus and perseverance in the face of daunting challenges and setbacks.

Strategy 2020 is an Ekow Mensah Consulting Business Planning and Strategy Development Workshop for the year 2020 aimed at preparing businesses to succeed in the new year. It takes a look at mistakes and achievements in 2019 and provides the tools needed for business owners and executives to overcome challenges and build on their successes.

Strategy 2020 will focus attention on 4 key areas of most businesses namely Sales & Marketing, Finance, HR and Operations. It will support participants to examine the current state of these key areas and develop a plan for the coming year on how to maximise resources, enhance productivity and increase sales monthly.

Participants of the Strategy 2020 will leave the workshop with a written action plan covering January to December 2020 on what to do to ensure consistent growth.

This workshop is strictly by invitation and for a token of 200 Ghana Cedis, entrepreneurs, business owners and executives will gain access to the workshop, lunch, relevant materials and practical training and support.