Looking for a Job? Really?
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January 11, 2019
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February 10, 2019

I have realized in my years of providing HR & Business Growth support services to entrepreneurs that most people who say they want a JOB don’t really want to WORK, they just want ‘something’ that will get them out of the house or make their parents stop disturbing them.

They desire the luxury of a well established business and detest the responsibility of being an active contributor of the growth process. They want to sit in an air-conditioned office pushing papers and typing away but detest the walking in the sun and knocking on doors. They desire the comfort of a chauffeur driven company car or at least a comfortable uber but detest the trotros and the hustle that comes with prospecting and landing deals.

Sadly, most of them do not even have the experience required, attitude to learn, humility to ask for help, integrity to be loyal, willingness to work long hours, capacity to take on more, tenacity to avoid giving up, commitment to stay long enough to see it work and professionalism to exercise discretion and keep internal matters confidential.

What private sector suffers most is the lack of quality human capital. Sadly, despite this desperate need, schools are still not doing enough to ensure the adequate preparation of students for the constantly changing world of work. Schools and even the government are focusing more on entrepreneurship and the development of more jobs but failing to pay attention to the fast declining quality of available human resources.

It is no news that technology is constantly finding solutions to this challenge and companies are automating their processes and reducing their need and reliance on human beings thereby guaranteeing continuity, efficiency, reliability and constant and predictable growth.

My question for unemployed people is this; are you just looking for a job or really willing and ready to work to ensure the growth and sustainability of an organization to create opportunities for others?

Are you looking for a job? Really? (Part One)

Ekow Mensah
Lead Consultant
Ekow Mensah Consulting