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March 1, 2019
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March 5, 2019

On-the-job training must be a requirement for today’s professionals to attune their skills to meet customer preferences, needs and business demands. Employers should be willing to invest time and professional efforts to upgrade the skills of the talented professionals in their companies, even and especially the new hires.

Whenever, you feel things aren’t going as they should in your company, then 1 question comes to mind; Do you have a people problem or a structural problem? Chances are, it may be a bit of both so before you go on a firing spree or start restructuring your entire company, consider beginning with your training first. Is it possible there’s simply a disconnect between what your employees think is correct and what is actually expected of them? If there’s any doubt, take a look at these warning signs to see if training could help improve your company as a whole.

  1. No one knows your mission statement.

    It’s one of the simplest oversights hence a lot of managers and business owners skip it. Overall there may be one or two overachievers who have memorised your company’s employee handbook (Do you have an employee’s handbook? Topic for another day), but if you were to poll your employees randomly on your core values and mission statement, would the majority pass? If your employees can’t recite the fundamental core at the heart of your business, it’s not a good sign. It can show a lack of investment in the company, which can almost certainly lead to less than impressive workmanship. However, in some cases, it is not the fault of the employees … so Mr. Manager and Mr. Business Owner, have you ever take time to talk to your employees about the vision, mission, objectives, goals etc of your business? Do they fully understand it and share in reaching your goals and carrying out your mission?? Do they even know your mission statement?

  2. Same process when done 10 times is different each time!

    Consistency is key within a company, no matter the size. If you’re struggling with some seasoned employees who feel that their way is the right way, this can create dissonance within the company. While the outcome may be the same, there will never be true consistency if the process is different, which can make on boarding for future employees a giant mess. Consider documenting all of your internal processes so your whole team follows the same step-by-step system. Once your entire team is trained on these processes, there will be no question about how the outcome was achieved or where any possible inefficiencies may lie and then as time goes on, you work on improving the processes built.

  3. When productivity is low.

    If you’re noticing a decrease in productivity, don’t be quick to blame laziness as the culprit. It’s quite possible that productivity isn’t currently at its highest because some of your systems, processes or collective skills set of your employees are outdated. This can happen easily over the lifespan of a company as things get pushed to the side. Training can breathe new life into your employees and give them the extra guidance and motivation they need in order to revitalize their workflow.

  4. Constant high turnover rate.

    It’s hard for managers and team leaders to admit when the fault lies within. Is the turnover rate within your organisation consistent and high? Is it possible that employees aren’t sticking around because they don’t feel a connection to the company? New employees, value quality and comprehensive training when working within an organisation. Company-wide training can show that an organisation is committed to the betterment of their people both as individuals and as a team. Plus, if an employee has taken the time to go through training, it decreases the likelihood that they will walk away from the organisation since they have already invested their time.

  5. When there are noticeable gaps in similar skill-sets.

    Every company is going to have their star players who seem to be able to tackle anything thrown at them, no matter the task. However, if you are noticing gaps in shared skill-sets throughout your company then training is your answer. In order to truly have faith in your entire staff, there must be a baseline skill-set that is consistent throughout the entire team, from top to bottom. Have you ever had a seemingly simple task that only one person in your company was responsible for and when they were out it just wasn’t done? Training allows you to ensure that your entire company can work in cohesion and make sure everything gets done without being dependent upon one person.

  6. When Your Company Needs to Raise the Bar on Performance

    Changing market conditions, increased customer demands, and the emergence or upgrade of competitors may compel you to raise the performance standards of your company. In such instances, you have to provide training to your employees to bring them to the level where they can perform explicitly well.

Investment in training programs is one of the best investment decisions, a growing business can make. Human capital assets have to be nurtured timely with due attention, care and encouragement to bolster the company’s progressive business goals and derive returns on investments.

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