Personal Branding & Strategic Positioning Masterclass

Instead of trying to change your entire life in 2022, the simplier strategy is to adopt a 12 month plan where you are making constant improvements. Let us help you develop that plan for 2022.

An EMC Personal Development &
Strategy Development Workshop

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About Personal Branding & Strategic Positioning Masterclass 2022

Personal branding is the art of building a unique brand around yourself as an individual. Just as so with a traditional brand, personal branding requires you to find a signature image, a unique voice, and a recognizable standard that your clients, followers fans, and customers can grow to recognize and have a desire to buy in.

Personal branding is becoming increasingly important because modern audiences tend to trust people more than corporations. Audiences are used to seeing advertising everywhere, and tend to believe corporations and organizations take actions and speak with only sales in mind. Personal branding allows you to establish a reputation and an identity while still maintaining a personal level of trust and interaction, usually through online platforms and live events.

Furthermore, people want to do business with other people, not with companies. Putting a strong personal brand on the frontline of your sales process can dramatically improve conversion rates. Whether you use your personal brand to consult, freelance, or drive more traffic and trust to your company, it's vitally important to establish one to stay competitive.

There’s no denying the importance of personal branding. After all, branding is largely responsible for the message your name (and face) transmits to the world. Because of this, it’s vital that your brand is built on authenticity and engagement, rather than half-heartedness and complacency.

Working with EMC on your personal brand will elevate your brand tremendously and put you on the right track to leveraging on your unique selling preposition into becoming a household name and a market leader in your field.